Blue Faced Leicester/Super Bright Trilobal Nylon 70/30 Combed Top

  • $35.97 USD

Like our sock yarn, this has the shine and sparkle of  trilobal sparkle nylon blended with fabulous BFL.
  • 70% Blue Faced Leicester Wool 30% Trilobal Nylon
  • Fiber Source: Certified British (BFL)
  • Micron Count: 26 (BFL)
  • Breed Category: Longwool Blend
  • Felting Notes: Feltable
  • Spinning Notes: Worsted with more twist/plies = more warmth & harder wear, less twist = more drape.
  • What to make: Trilobal nylon adds sparkle & strength for anything from socks to shawls.
  • Dye effect: Takes color clearly with an extra pop from the Trilobal nylon
Certified British
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