Blue Faced Leicester/Seacell 70/30 Combed Top

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Our BFL combined with seacell which is a silk like cellulose fiber made from seaweed. The seacell will remain undyed for a neat vein effect in the fiber.
  • 70% Blue Faced Leicester Wool 30% Seacell
  • Fiber Source: Certified British (BFL)
  • Micron Count: 26 (BFL)
  • Breed Category: Longwool Blend
  • Felting Notes: Feltable
  • Spinning Notes: Worsted 3-ply for more warmth & less halo; worsted w/minimal twist for more halo & drape. Seacell adds shine, resists dye.
  • What to make: Shawls, cowls, jumpers.


    Certified British

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