About Indie Undyed

Indie Undyed is a source for undyed yarns & fibers for North American hand dyers - be they hobby dyers or running a small indie business. As dyers, we know the importance of quality yarn & top as well as the need for a variety of options. There are several large sources for yarn and fiber in North America and they’ve got good stuff, we aren't trying to compete with the big dogs, we want to keep it more personal.

We want to help you stand out from everyone else & offer a product that is unique to you. Oh, and we want to make it as affordable as possible by enabling you to buy by the kilo, the half kilo, or the skein.

Our yarns are fresh from the mill so they still have spinning oils in them. A good soak in some soapy water before you use them will clean them and fluff them up nicely. We’ve already processed the yarn used on sample cards so that you can see how the yarn is as a final product. 

We are keeping our yarn collection small and unique but we have a large collection of combed top so you shop a variety without worrying about bump minimums. 

Our focus is on our dyers as much as it is on providing quality yarns and we’d love to get to know you. You can find us on:

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